October 13: Kill, Baby, Kill

Thursday October 13 | 8PM Kill, Baby, Kill Italy 1966 d. Mario Bava with Giacomo Rossi Stuart, Erika Blanc, Piero Lulli, Fabienne Dali, Luciano Catenacci, Micaela Esdra and Giovanna Galletti. In Italian with English subtitles. Colour. 83 m

“As always in the films of the Italian horror master, death grooves in Day-Glo moodscapes, with Bava’s restless camera snaking through crypts and boneyards, a shuttered town and a haunted villa, all tinged with the psychedelic, the shadows shot through the director’s gelato gels. Few horror films of the period are as committed to soaking us in their atmosphere, to touring us through the sets. Bava is often fascinated by labyrinths, by riddles of place, and Kill, Baby, Kill’s simple ghost story allows him plenty of time to set his characters wandering in terror, through rooms that duplicate themselves, up and down a staircase that seems to spiral not to other floors of a crumbling villa but into madness and memory.” Alan Scherstuhl

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Series: Autumn 2022 :: Bad Babies