October 6: Village of the Damned

Thursday October 6 | 8PM Village of the Damned USA 1960 d. Wolf Rilla with George Sanders, Barbara Shelley, Martin Stephens, Michael Gwynn, Laurence Naismith. Richard Warner, Jenny Laird as Mrs. Harrington, Sarah Long and Thomas Heathcote. Black and white. 78 m

“There are no concessions to kind hearts and cinema conventions: no cathartic clinch to end all happily. Characters are brutally dispatched with a happy disregard for the degree of sympathy they command, such as we have scarcely seen since Tod Browning’s horrors in the ‘thirties … There is something incomparably sinister about this gang of beautiful children with their huge malevolent eyes, looking, and by just looking forcing one man to shoot himself and another to crash his car. They are related to the monsters of The Turn of the Screw. All the same, as they sit at their studies, silent (because they do not need speech to transmit thought), responding as one person, they are true originals.” David Robinson

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Series: Autumn 2022 :: Bad Babies