March 16: Fahrenheit 451

Thursday March 16 | 7PM Fahrenheit 451 Great Britain 1966 d. François Truffaut with Oskar Werner, Julie Christie, Cyril Cusack, Anton Diffring, Jeremy Spenser, Bee Duffell and Gillian Lewis. Colour. 112 m

“…even at the science-fiction horror-story level, the movie fails—partly, I think, because Truffaut is too much of an artist to exploit the vulgar possibilities in the material. He doesn’t give us pace and suspense and pious sentiments followed by noisy climaxes; he is too tasteful to do what a hack director might have done.” Pauline Kael

“Marvellously simple and specific, like all the best things in Fahrenheit 451, this ending is a heroic enlargement of the film’s range. It is as though Truffaut has drawn on everything he knows about cinema to express unshakable loyalty to the written word.” Penelope Houston

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Series: Winter 2023 :: Truffaut Le Cinéaste