November 10: The Magic Flute

Thursday November 10 | 8PM Trollflöjten aka The Magic Flute Sweden 1975 d. Ingmar Bergman with Josef Köstlinger, Britt-Marie Aruhn, Kirsten Vaupel, Birgitta Smiding, Håkan Hagegård, Birgit Nordin, Irma Urrila, Ragnar Ulfung, Ulrik Cold, Elisabeth Erikson and Erik Saedén. Colour. In Swedish with English subtitles. 135 m

“Ingmar Bergman has never before made a movie so warm, happy and innocent as this version of Mozart’s The Magic Flute. It’s as if all this joy has been building up inside him during the great decade of metaphysical films beginning with Persona. It’s been 10 years since he made a comedy (the dreadful All These Women) and 20 years since he made a good one (Smiles of a Summer Night), and now here’s something to make you think he specialized in comic opera…..usually we’re all too conscious of the stage-bound nature of the performance, and of the difficulty of combining, successfully what Pauline Kael calls the two bastard arts. Film and opera are both wonderful, at borrowing and plundering other art forms, but usually incompatible with each other. Bergman’s attempt succeeds brilliantly…This must be the most delightful film ever made from an opera.”

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Series: Autumn 2022 :: Bergman 70s