Summer 2015

Soviet Avant-Garde in the 1920s

April 29 Strike! d. Sergei Eisenstein USSR 1925

May 7 Chess Fever d. Vsevolod Pudovkin USSR 1925 and Man With A Movie Camera d. Dziga Vertov USSR 1929

Weimar Expressionism

May 14 Der Müde Tod (Destiny) d. Fritz Lang Germany 1921

May 21 Das Cabinet Des Dr. Caligari d. R. Wiene Germany 1920

May 28 Der Letzte Mann (The Last Laugh) d. F.W. Murnau Germany 1924

UK Hitchcock

June 4 The Lodger: A Tale Of The London Fog d. Alfred Hitchcock UK 1927

Nell Shipman

June 11 Back To God’s Country d. David M. Hartford Canada 1919 and Something New d. Nell Shipman, Bert Van Tuyle USA 1920

Charlie Chaplin – Buster Keaton

June 18 A Dog’s Life d. Charles Chaplin USA 1919 and The Kid d. Charles Chaplin USA 1921

June 25 Neighbours d. Buster Keaton USA 1920 / The Paleface d. Buster Keaton USA 1922 / Sherlock Jr. d. Buster Keaton USA 1924

July 2 City Lights d. Charles Chaplin USA 1931

French & German Avant-Garde: 1920-1928

July 9 Rhythmus 21 d. Hans Richter Germany 1920 / Ballet Mecanique d. Fernand Leger France 1924 / Emak Bakia d. Man Ray France 1926 / Anemic Cinema d. Marcel Duchamp France 1926 / Brumes d’automne (Autumn Mists) d. Dimitri Kirsanoff France 1928 / Vormittagsspuk (Ghosts Before Breakfast) d. Hans Richter Germany 1928 / La Souriante Mme. Beudet d. Germaine Dulac France 1923

Luis Buñuel 1: Franco-Iberian Surrealism

July 16 Un Chien Andalou d. Luis Bunuel France 1929 and L’age d’or d. Luis Bunuel France 1930

American Avant-Garde 1: Deren/Anger

July 23 The Life and Death of 9413 A Hollywood Extra d. R. Florey, S. Vorkapich USA 1928 / The Hearts of Age d. Orson Welles, William Vance USA 1934 / Meshes Of The Afternoon d. Maya Deren USA 1943 / Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome d. Kenneth Anger USA 1954

American Avant-Garde 2: Angerfest

July 30 Puce Moment d. Kenneth Anger USA 1949 / Eaux d’artifice d. Kenneth Anger France/USA 1953 / Scorpio Rising d. Kenneth Anger USA 1963 / Kustom Kar Kommandos d. Kenneth Anger USA 1965 / Arabesque For Kenneth Anger d. Marie Menken USA 1961 / Invocation Of My Demon Brother d. Kenneth Anger USA 1969 / Lucifer Rising d. Kenneth Anger USA 1970-1980 / The Man We Want To Hang d. Kenneth Anger USA 2001 / Rabbit’s Moon [1979 Version] d. Kenneth Anger France/USA 1950-1979

American Avant-Garde 3: Stan Brakhage

August 6 Desistfilm d. Stan Brakhage USA 1954 / Cat’s Cradle d. Stan Brakhage USA 1959 / Wedlock House: An Intercourse d. Stan Brakhage USA 1959 / Mothlight d. Stan Brakhage USA 1963 / Dog Star Man d. Stan Brakhage USA 1961-1964

Short Films From The 1970s

August 13 (nostalgia) d. Hollis Frampton USA 1971 / The Stars Are Beautiful d. Stan Brakhage USA 1975 / Windows d. Peter Greenaway Great Britain 1975 / Dear Phone d. Peter Greenaway Great Britain 1978 / The Birth Of Magellan: Cadenza d. Hollis Frampton USA 1977-80

Local Experimental Filmmakers Showcase

August 20 Short films by local filmmakers.

Summer of Moloch Disco Spectacular!

August 27 Metropolis [Giorgio Moroder Version] d. Fritz Lang Germany 1928