Autumn 2015

This schedule is subject to change at any time for any number of human and/or machine reasons.

September 2015 – Roman Polanski 1957-1967

September 4 Nóz w wodzie (Knife In The Water) d. Roman Polanski Poland 1962 plus short film Rozbijemy zabawe
(We Destroy this Party) d. Roman Polanski Poland 1957

September 11 Repulsion d. Roman Polanski UK 1965 plus short Lampa (The Lamp) d. Roman Polanski Poland 1959

September 18 Special Roasterie 30th Anniversary Screening! Back To The Future Part II d. Robert Zemeckis USA 1985

September 25 Cul-de-Sac d. Roman Polanski UK 1966 plus short Ssaki (Mammals) d. Roman Polanski France 1962

October 1 The Fearless Vampire Killers d. Roman Polanski UK 1967 plus short Usmiech Zebiczny (A Toothy Smile)
d. Roman Polanski Poland 1957

October 2015 – Frankenstein Battle + Hallowe’en Synth Rock Spectacular!

October 8 Frankenstein d. James Whale USA 1931

October 15 Bride Of Frankenstein d. James Whale USA 1935

October 22 Curse Of Frankenstein d. Terence Fisher UK 1957

October 29 Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed d. Terence Fisher UK 1969

October 31 Hallowe’en Synth-Rock Spectacular! Dracula d. Tod Browning USA 1931 with new, live, score by
Aleem Khan and Patrick Seager in the courtyard.

Catherine Deneuve in Repulsion

Catherine Deneuve in Repulsion

November 2015 – Orson Welles Centenary

November 5 The Lady From Shanghai d. Orson Welles USA 1947

November 12 The Third Man d. Carol Reed UK 1949

November 19 Touch Of Evil d. Orson Welles USA 1958

November 26 The Trial d. Orson Welles France 1962

December 2015 – Luis Buñuel 2: Peliculas Mexicanas

December 5 Los Olvidados (The Forgotten Ones) d. Luis Buñuel Mexico 1950

December 12 Él (This Strange Passion) d. Luis Buñuel Mexico 1953

December 19 Nazarin d. Luis Buñuel Mexico 1959