October 27: The Brood

Thursday October 27 | 8PM The Brood Canada 1979 d. David Cronenberg with Oliver Reed, Samantha Eggar, Art Hindle, Henry Beckman, Nuala Fitzgerald, Susan Hogan, Cindy Hinds, Gary McKeehan, Michael Magee, Robert A. Silverman, Larry Solway and Nicholas Campbell. Colour. 92m

“Set in deepest Canadian winter, juxtaposing harsh brutalist exteriors against scarcely less inviting cinder-block and wood-panel interiors, The Brood gives off the impression—as most Cronenberg films do—of a neat, clinically surgical procedure, that despite the mealy horror set pieces, its auteur is in supreme command of his communiqué.” Eric Henderson

“Now here’s a particularly nasty little number. The Brood is an el sleazo exploitation film, camouflaged by the presence of several well-known stars but guaranteed to nauseate you all the same.” Roger Ebert

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Series: Autumn 2022 :: Bad Babies