June 9: Le Feu follet aka The Fire Within

Thursday, June 9 2022 8PM | Le Feu follet aka The Fire Within France 1963 d. Louis Malle w. Maurice Ronet, Léna Skerla, Yvonne Clech, Hubert Deschamps, Jean-Paul, Mona Dol, Pierre Moncorbier, René Dupuis and
Jeanne Moreau. Black and white. 109 m

“Malle here offers a sharp critique of the morally vacuous petit bourgeois lifestyle. An easy target, perhaps, yet his takedown is anything but coolly analytical. Rooted in the emotions of its main character, the film is a heartfelt cri de cœur about disconnection and the malaise of being.” Elena Lazic

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Series: Spring 2022 :: Louis Malle