September 12: Times Square

Thursday, September 12 2019 | 8PM Times Square USA 1980 d. Allan Moyle with Trini Alvarado, Robin Johnson, Tim Curry, Peter Coffield, Herbert Berghof, David Margulies and Anna Maria Horsford. Colour. 111 m

“The movie, which opens today at the Ziegfeld, is a musical in the grand tradition of Xanadu and Can’t Stop The Music, a movie best listened to via soundtrack album if it must be noticed at all. The film doesn’t start out as a musical–it’s more like a drama with an insinuating rock score. But the action is so false, the characters so unsympathetic and uninteresting, that after a while the music begins playing the only dominant role.” Janet Masllin

“Socially irresponsible and refreshingly optimistic: a Wizard of Oz for the ’80s.” Time Out

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See Also: Fame (Parker, 1980), Blank Generation (Lommel 1980), Pump Up The Volume (Moyle, 1990), Xanadu (Greenwald, 1980), Can’t Stop The Music (Walker, 1980)