May 30: Putney Swope

Thursday, May 30 2019 | 9PM Putney Swope USA 1969 d. Robert Downey Sr. with Arnold Johnson, Joe Madden, Antonio Fargas, Allen Garfield, Allan Arbus and Mel Brooks. In black and white with some colour. 86 m

“It’s hard to describe, you really just have to see it. I think Putney Swope is one of the great, great, great American counterculture films of the 1960s. One day. I predict confidently, it will be seen as the equal to Easy Rider or Five Easy Pieces. I’m surprised that French cinemaphiles haven’t discovered it yet… but they will. They will.” Richard Metzger

“The situations include political caricature, but disappointedly nothing much beyond marginal interest occurs. The comedy is only intermittently funny and the satire is mostly shallow and obvious.” Variety

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