February 14: Partner

Thursday, February 14 2019 | 8PM Partner Italy 1968 d. Bernardo Bertolucci with Pierre Clémenti, Stefania Sandrelli, Tina Aumont, Sergio Tofano and Ninetto Davoli. In Italian with English subtitles. Colour. 108 m

“…despite the intermittent brilliance of Partner, it is a failure.” Pauline Kael

Partner, the third feature film by Bernardo Bertolucci, is an example of exuberant movie-making by a young (27) director who talks like an intellectual but makes movies like a poet…[it] must be one of the most romantic political tracts ever conceived. Clémenti, dark and impassioned, looks like a mod Lord Byron, and his adventures are all upside-down romances…the specific meaning of many of the scenes is obscure, but the total effect is that of youthful explosion of movie talent.” Nora Sayre

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