September 20: The Man Who Fell To Earth

Thursday, September 20 | 9PM The Man Who Fell To Earth Great Britain 1976 d. Nicolas Roeg with David Bowie, Rip Torn, Candy Clark and Buck Henry. Colour. 138 m

“…the most intellectually provocative genre film of the 1970s. The allure of its perfectly cast star, David Bowie (emaciated and still months from going clean), overshadowed the content of the script in its day. Too easy, it was, to focus on Roeg’s cheap-looking effects and the weirdness of the Thin White Duke himself—playing a forlorn alien who quietly builds an Earth-based space program—and ignore Roeg’s rich testament to his own strange, adopted land: America.”  Time Out

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See Also:  Walkabout (Roeg, 1971), Slade in Flame (Loncraine, 1975), Zardoz (Boorman, 1974)