[June 2016] Silent Comedy/Crime + Kanadian Kino Surprise

Charlie Chaplin & Merna Kennedy in 'The Circus'

June 2nd @ 9PM: The Circus USA, 1928 d. Charlie Chaplin with Charlie Chaplin, Merna Kennedy and Al Ernest Garcia

June 9th @ 9PM: College USA, 1927 d. James W. Horne & Buster Keaton with Buster Keaton, Anne Cornwall, Harold Goodwin

June 16th @ 9PM: Girl-Shy USA, 1924 d. Fred C. Newmeyer  & Sam Taylor with Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston

June 23rd @ 9PM: Underworld USA, 1927 d. Josef von Sternberg with George Bancroft, Evelyn Brant, Clive Brook

June 30th @ 9PM: Kanadian Kino Surprise